Diana Henry, food writer, Sunday Telegraph

 “A delectable collection, perfect for anyone who loves both food and fiction.”


Sunjeev Sahota, author of Ours Are The Street, named Granta’s 20 best young writers in 2013.

 “This slim collection makes room for the world.”


Kerry Hudson, author of Thirst and Tony Hogan Bought Me An Ice-Cream Before He Stole My Ma.

‘An international banquet of exceptional stories. A feast the mind and the heart, I devoured this in one sitting.’


A review in The Independent, by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Cooked Up, edited by Elaine Chiew (New Internationalist, £9.99) is a rich collection of short stories by various writers where food is a weapon or armour, an expression of deep conservatism or freedom, a metaphor for our times and much more besides.

In Krys Lee’s “Fat” for example, the hero, a young Korean man, gorges, fattens himself to avoid military service; “Walking the Wok” by Kenyan American Mukoma Wa Ngugi, has Chan, a Chinese trainee chef who daringly breaks strict cooking codes and champions heterodoxy.

Ben Okri creates a “stoku”, an amalgam of Haiku and a story, in which the lucky sit at a table and eat aplenty while the starving look on behind them, murmur and do not revolt.

A fine review at The Independent Publisher, by Craig Manning

“Then again, though, you should never judge a book by its cover. While the 16 different stories in Cooked Up are united by how they revolve around food, food is never the only focus of these narratives. This isn’t the literary version of food porn, in other words—though there is a story about two porn stars baking bread together (and that’s not a double entendre). Rather, Cooked Up gives 16 different writers a chance to explore weighty themes like family, clashes of culture, love and divorce, war, death, and more through the lens of the kitchen.”